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LatestVWGolfR-Line: Perfect forthe urbanwarrior w o

VOLKSWAGEN PassengerCarsMalaysia (VPCM)yesterday unveiled thenewGolfR-Lineat theMalaysiaAutoshow 2018,completing thenewGolf family line-up inMalaysia. Theeventalsomarked theGolfR-Line’sfirstpublic appearance in thecountry. PricedatRM166,990 (retailprice includingGST, excluding insuranceandregistration), it isdecked in the“R- Line”stylingpackagewhich includes theR-Line frontand rearbumper,rearspoiler,R-Linebadgesonradiatorgrille andsidepanels,and17-inch“Singapore”alloywheels. VPCMmanagingdirector,ErikWinter,said:“TheR- Line’sarrivalcompletes theGolf family line-up.Since the launchof theGolf family,wehavereceivedverypositive response towards thevariants–andnowwith today’s unveiling, the family iscomplete.TheGolf issuchan iconicmodel forVolkswagen,andhasastrong following hereandaround theworld,so it isnosurprise thatmore than34millionunitshavebeensold worldwidesince itsmarket introduction in1974. Todate,demand

for theGolfremainsanall-timehigh forus.” PERFORMANCE

Underitsbonnet,theGolfR-Line’s1.4TSIturbochargedengine ismatedwitha seven-speeddryclutchdirect shiftgearbox (DSG), togivean impressiveoutputof148hpanda torqueof 250Nmbetween1,500rpmand3,500rpm. SAFETY Equippedwithsevenairbags, theGolfR-Linecomeswithan arrayofadvancedsafety featuressuchasManoeuvreBraking which automaticallybrakes the carwhen it sensesobjects while travellingup to10km/hduringparking.Alsoavailable isAutomaticPostCollisionBrakeSystemwherethebrakesare automaticallyappliedtopreventsubsequentimpactwhenthe vehicle is involved inacollision.TheGolfR-Linealsocomes withRestAssistandProactiveOccupantProtectionSystem, which looksout for thedriverandoccupants in thevehicle while theAdvancedElectronicDifferentialLock (XDS) provides added grip during fast cornering.

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TheGolfR-Lineoffers thebestof bothworldswhen itcomes to connectivityandconvenience, thanks to its12.3-inchActive Info Displayandeight-inchscreen CompositionMediawithApp- Connect (whichrunssystems suchasMirrorLink,Android AutoandAppleCarplay). Otherconvenientkey features includeLEDheadlights (with DynamicCorneringLights), two-zoneClimatronicair conditioningsystem,rear-view camera,“Kessy”electronic locking

COLOURS There’sTumericYellow,AtlanticBlue,PureWhite,Deep Black,WhiteSilverand IndiumGrey foryourGolfR-Line. TheVolkswagenboothat theMalaysiaAutoshow2018 showcases the fullGolf familyaswellasothermodelssuch as thePolo,Vento,Passat,TiguanandBeetle.There isalsoa fleetofunits for testdrive,which includes theGolfSportline andGTI.Also,visitorscanenjoyexclusivepromotions anddealsonnewandpre-ownedVolkswagenmodels,and receivecustomisedgiftsand testdrivegoodies.TheMalaysia Autoshow2018startedyesterdayandwillgoon tillSunday atMAEPS,Serdang.


Theycan have it andstartingsystem,electronic parkingbrakeanddrivingmode selectionswith fourdifferent modessuchasEco,Normal, Sportand Individual. Ifyoucan’tmake it to theshowandstillwant to test driveoneof thenewGolfs,visityournearestauthorised Volkswagendealershiporvisitwww.volkswagen.com.my

standing as an independent, Kayveas said he would not be doing so as he has been a lifelong supporter of BN, and he would only be campaigning after nomination day for his BN friends who had invited him to help them.

BY RAJVINDER SINGH newsdesk@thesundaily.com P ETALING JAYA: Sacked People’s Progressive Party (MyPPP) president Tan Sri M. Ka y v e a s c l a ime d yesterday “three or four” party supreme council members were after his president’s post in the party. “If theywanted, they should have just approached me about it. They are welcome to it. “I only wanted to guide them in running the party because it is not as easy as some people may think,” he told theSun yesterday. He claimed his resignation letter had already been prepared before MyPPP received a letter from Barisan Nasional secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor calling for action against him. “I had decided on Monday to resign fromall posts in the party and had already preparedmy letter but I wanted to seewhowas interested in the post so that I could guide him before he took over.” He said he had in fact offered his resignation as party president on Manfixingflat tyrekilled, cops hurt incrash BY ASHWINKUMAR newsdesk@thesundaily.com TAIPING: A college student was killed after a lorry crashed into two vehicles, including a police patrol car, that were parked on theNorth-South Expressway yesterday. In the 8.30am incident, 21-year- old Muhammad Hakeem Badrol Hisham from Semanggol, stopped at the emergency lane after his car had a punctured tyre. Three policemen in a patrol car who were passing the area stopped to provide assistance, parking their vehicle some distance behind Mu- hammad Hakeem’s car. Whileoneof thepolicemenwaved traffic away from the parked vehicles, a lorry suddenly crashed into them. The lorry dragged the patrol car about 70m before both vehicles crashed into Muhammad Hakeem and his car. He died on the spot while two of the policemen were rushed to the Taiping Hospital with severe leg in- juries. The third policeman escaped unhurt. The 35-year-old lorry driver, who was also unhurt, was detained to assist investigations.

Ex-MyPPP chief says some supreme council members hadbeen EYEINGHISPOST

Kayveas said he was

Me a nwh i l e , Teng ku Adnan said any member of BN component parties who contests as an independent will face disciplinary action. Umno supreme

not interested in holding a press conference over

his sacking as he does not want a “ p r e s s w a r ” duringthegeneral election. He also said he

council member and Batu Pahat division chief Datuk Mohd Puad Zarkashi had earlier implied he would stand as an independent in Batu Pahat after he was dropped as a candidate. Mohd Puad had been critical of BN’s candidate-selection process, describing the system as “broken” after it was announced that his division Wanita chief, Harliza Abdullah, would be the candidate. Mohd Puad lost the seat in the previous general election to PKR’s Mohd Idris Jusi.

wanted to avoid returning to the “bad old days” when the partywasmired in court cases over the presidency for close to 19 years.

“I will not be contesting the sacking, but I want to retain my membership in the party as my membership number isW001. I was the first person to join the party,” he said, adding that he only wants to remain as an ordinary member and would only attend functions if invited. On speculation that he would be

Our front page report yesterday.

April 17 during the last supreme council meeting that he chaired, but it was rejected by the council. He added that the sacking of a

party president is entirely different from a party member, as there are procedures required that may not have been followed in his case.

Fire and Rescue Department personnel examining the damaged vehicles yesterday.

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