Fresh probe intoTeoh’s death

BY VATHANI PANIRCHELLVUM AND G. SURACH newsdesk@thesundaily.com KUALA LUMPUR: The Cabinet has ordered a reinvestigation into the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock, who diedwhile in custody at theMalaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in 2009. However, Attorney-General (AG) Tommy Thomas would need to be consulted first, said Finance Minister LimGuan Eng at a press conference held at the DAP headquarters yesterday. “There is an obvious need to determine the cause of death and to ensure that justice can be done. The Cabinet’s decision is to endorse the investigations be re- opened,” said Lim, who is also DAP secretary-general. The case needs to be re- investigated to ensure justice for the family, he added. Teoh, a former journalist with SinChewDaily , was an aide to Selangor assemblyman Ean Yong HianWah. He fell to his death from the MACC’s office in Shah Alamon July 16, 2009 after he was taken in for questioning over a corruption investigation. While threeMACC officers were directly blamed in the incident, none were ever convicted >Reinvestigation orderedbyCabinet, saysGuanEng

Lee Lan showing Teoh’s picture on her

handphone. Inset: Teoh.

BengHock's sister Teoh Lee Lanwith Limand Communications and MultimediaMinister Gobind Singh Deo yesterday.

there were no criminal elements involved. PakatanHarapan had pledged to establish a royal commission of inquiry into Teoh’s deathwithin 100 days after taking over Putrajaya. Meanwhile, Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has agreed to reopen the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case provided credible evidence

is available. Speaking to reporters following the 30-minutemeeting with the premier, Ramkarpal saidMahathir was briefed on the details of the case andmet with Altantuya’s father, Setev Shaariibuu. “The primeminister insisted that the casemust follow the rule of law and that credible evidence, including new leads, must be presented to the AG before proceeding further,” he said.

over Teoh’s death.

inclusive of MACC officers who were involved in his arrest and investigation. Following this, Putrajaya and MACCwere ordered to pay the family RM600,000 in damages and RM60,000 in costs. The court also ordered the police to investigate the death. However, the AG’s Chambers said

In 2014, the Court of Appeal dismissed the coroner’s open verdict in the inquest over his death and ruled that his deathwas caused bymultiple injuries after falling from the 14th floor of Plaza Masalamas a result of, or which was accelerated by, an unlawful act or acts of persons unknown,

Jamal’s home burgledbyhis ‘bodyguards’ KUALA LUMPUR: Four men burgled the home of fugitive politicianDatuk Seri Jamal Yunos (pix) on Sunday after gaining entry by pretending to be his bodyguards. In the 8.30am incident, the local men claimed to be Jamal’s personal BY CONALL KAVANAGH newsdesk@thesundaily.com apprehend the suspects after they claimed they had come to collect several items on Jamal’s behalf. Among their haul were 20 designer handbags, 20 branded sunglasses, a large suitcase and threemobile phones. They also stole two closed-circuit television decoders, leaving no video evidence of the crime. However, policemanaged to lift five fingerprints from the scene. The house had been searched by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission personnel prior to the incident andwas already in disarray. One of themen even told the security guards that theywere taking Jamal’s clothes and shoes, claiming that theywere being underpaid by him for their services. No arrests have beenmade so far. Selangor CID chief SAC Fadzil Ahmat, in confirming the incident, said: “We have yet to ascertain the amount lost and are investigating.” Jamal, who is wanted by police, is believed to have fled the country. The case is being investigated under Section 380 of the Penal Code for burglary. bodyguards andwere allowed in by security personnel. The guards did not

Ex-assistant engineer jailed, finedover falseclaim KUALA TERENGGANU: A former assistant engineer with the Terengganu Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council (Maidam), Syed Ahmad Izzuddin Syed Abdullah (pix) , was Syed Ahmad Izzudin was charged with submitting the claim for the supply and

provides for an imprisonment of up to 20 years and a fine of not less than five times

the amount of the false claim or RM10,000, whichever is higher.

installation of carpet at Surau Al-Hijrah, worth RM6,400, that was not carried out according to specifications. The offence was committed at Maidam’s office on Dec 29, 2015. He was charged under

Syed Ahmad Izzudin, who had initially pleaded not guilty, was also ordered to pay RM3,000 in legal costs. He failed to pay the fine and was taken toMarang prison. Wan ZainuddinWanMusa represented the accused and deputy public prosecutor Amer Abu Bakar prosecuted. – Bernama

sentenced to a month’s jail and fined RM32,000 by the sessions court for submitting a false claim. Judge Mohamad Haldar Abd Aziz handed down the sentence on Syed Ahmad Izzudin, 35, after he pleaded guilty to the charge.

Section 16 of the Malaysian Anti- Corruption Commission Act, which


Four-year-oldsurvives14-floor fall

PETALING JAYA: A four-year-old boy mi- raculously escaped death when he fell from the 14th floor of a condominium block in Puchong on Tuesday. The victim, who was alone at home, slipped from the balcony of his father’s unit before plummeting onto a zinc awning on the third floor and then landing on the bon- net of a car parked on the ground floor. Stunned residents went to the child’s aid before rushing him to the Serdang Hospital, where he was treated for a broken arm. Sources told theSun the child’s teenage uncles, aged 13 and 16, had been tasked with caring for the boy after his 30-year-old father left for work at 8am. The teens apparently left the unit to buy lunch after the boy fell asleep at about 3.30pm. The child woke up some time later and

PUTRAJAYA: The Federal Court has granted leave to Damansara MP Tony Pua to appeal against an interim injunction obtained by former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak regarding a video on 1Malaysia Development Berhad uploaded on Pua’s Facebook’s page. The three- man bench, led by Chief Judge of Malaya Tan Sri Ahmad Maarop, agreed that there are questions regarding the case that need to be answered in court. FAKINGACCIDENTSTO EXTORTMONEY KUALA LUMPUR: Tricksters have come up with a new way of cheating drivers, particularly female drivers who are alone, by faking accidents on the road to extort money from their victims. One such case happened last week to Lee Mei Tee, 30 who was turning into the main entrance of a hospital in the city when she heard a loud noise on the left side of her vehicle. When she got down to assess the damage, a motorist named Jack Lim accused her of hitting his vehicle though her car was undamaged.

The car with its dented bonnet.

climbed over a railing on the balcony to look for his uncles, but lost his balance and fell. – by Charles Ramendran

‘Brake failuremayhavecausedcrash’ KARAK: Faulty brakes may have caused an express bus accident on the Karak Highway near Gombak yesterday that left one dead and 36 others injured. fromTermeloh in Pahang to Klang, Selangor with 40 passengers crashed into a road divider as it descended a slopped part of the highway at 6.30pm.

Selangor Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department chief Supt Azman Shari’at said the bus, travelling

“The bus failed to avoid another car and crashed after its brakes allegedly failed.”

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