No rush tobecome PM, saysAnwar

BY AMAR SHAHMOHSEN newsdesk@thesundaily.com KUALA LUMPUR: Freeman Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahimsaid hewill take some time off from politics and spend timewith his family following his release fromprison yesterday. While he did not provide a time frame, the PKRde facto leader said hewill not involve himself inCabinet matters for the time being and is not in a hurry to take over the prime minister’s post fromTunDr MahathirMohamad. Anwar said hewill give his full support to the premier and his deputyDatuk Seri DrWan AzizahWan Ismail, who is also his wife, to run statematters and ensure the reformagenda is upheld. “I have informedMahathir, it’s better for him,WanAzizah and the team to continue (with their work), and allowme to take time off for the family. “I thinkMahathir will certainlywelcome that sort of decision, because I’ve already told and assured him that I will be kept informed, and I will of course remain interestedwith what’s happening. “But I don’t need to serve the Cabinet for now. I don’t want to be seen to be hasty to demand or insist for an immediate time frame over the >PKRde facto leader needs time off for the family


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Yang di- Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V receives Anwar at Istana Negara yesterday after granting a full pardon on the PKR de facto chief.

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bination is the best possible one to lead the country out of the authoritarian and corruption-rid- den era that has marked BN’s and (Datuk Seri) Najib Razak’s rule,” saidpolitical analyst Dr Lim Teck Ghee. “All indications are that the two should be able to forge a better partnership than they had in the past. Together they can restore confidence in the economy among local and for- eign investors and help lead the nation to a brighter future.” Lim said Anwar has a large international following which is useful in bringing back the goodwill and respect that Najib question of me taking over the PM’s post,” he said to some 100 reporters at his residence, here, yesterday. He also said he has forgiven former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak for what the latter had done to him in the past. WhilemaintainingNajibwas the one behind his incarceration, Anwar said he held nomalice against the former, and he has chosen to move on. However, he saidNajib still has to answer to the court on the allegedwrongdoings he had committedwhile hewas the primeminister. “The issue of injustice towards the people, the crime he committed and the alleged corruption, that he has

“But for now, he will need to spendmore time addressing the religious and racial extremism in the country. “Anwar will also be needed to deal with the threats that PAS poses with its hardline Islamic politics,” Lim said. There is concern over the po- litical developments inSabahand Sarawak.Anwar canattendto this to ensure they do not destabilise the nation, he added. PakatanHarapan’s Syed Sad- diq Syed Abdul Rahman said it is time for Mahathir and Anwar to rebuild the nation together. “Two great leaders. We can Anwar was earlier yesterday given a full pardon by the Yang di-PertuanAgong Sultan MuhammadV. “Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God), thank youTuanku”. That was the response from Anwar following his audience with the King after hewas granted a full pardon. Anwar had been serving prison sentence since Feb 10, 2015, after hewas adjudged to have been guilty of sodomy, a charge he denied. He said apart fromspending timewith his family, hewill be travelling to several countries to deliver lectures on democracy and the voice of moderation, after receiving invitations from

build a better nation together since Anwar is released. Justice is served,” said the Muar MP. PKR vice-president TianChua tweeted: “His freedombrings a happy reunion @DrWanAzizah @n_izzah & their whole family. More significantly, the release of Anwar marks the beginning of the new era for Malaysia where democracy and civil rights will be celebrated.” Lawyers for Liberty repre- sentative Eric Paulsen said: “Fi- nally @anwaribrahim is freed! Unjustly jailed on trumped-up charges, he will now lead a new democraticMalaysia with PMDr Mahathir.” In an interviewwithAstro Awani after his release, Anwar reiterated his support for Mahathir’s administration. He said despitewhatever that happened in the past, he andMahathir are now in the same teamandwill work together for a betterMalaysia. “I jokedwithMahathir just now, ‘wewere the best of friends in political partnership andwe also had themost severe war (with each other). “But nowwe are (back) together and I can see an extraordinary determination to right thewrongs (perbaiki keburukan). I believewe have a brighter future,” Anwar said.







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ReturnofDrM-Anwar pairwarms hearts BY KARENARUKESAMY, ASHWINKUMAR squandered.

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AND ELLY FAZANIZA newsdesk@thesundaily.com



PETALINGJAYA: Thewelcome mat has been rolledout for freed PKR de factor leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who is expected to positively impact the political landscape. The social mediawas flooded with messages congratulating him on his release. Some viewed it as a return to the days of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad charting the nation’s path with Anwar on his side. “The Mahathir-Anwar com-

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From Abim to political office to prison , and back

Kota Kinabalu



1971: • Founded Abim 1974: • Arrested under ISA over student protest against poverty in Baling 1982: • Joined Umno . Won Permatang Pauh seat. 1983: • Appointed minister of culture , youth and sports. 1984: • Appointed minister of agriculture . 1986: • Appointed minister of education • Retained Permatang Pauh 1991: • Appointed minister of finance . 1993: • Appointed deputy prime minister after winning Umno deputy president post.

1998: • Sacked fromCabinet • Started Reformasi movement • Black eye incident • Charged with corruption 1999: • Jailed six years for abuse of power • Jailed nine years for sodomising driver Azizan Abu Bakar • Keadlian set up and later merged with Parti Rakyat Malaysia to formPKR. 2004: • Conviction for sodomy overturned 2008: • Led the opposition campaign during GE12 • Denied BN its two-thirds majority. 2012: • Acquitted of sodomy charges by HIgh Court

Source: www.islam.gov.my


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2013: • Led the opposition in GE13 • Denied BN its two-thirdmajority. 2015: • Jailed five years after Federal Court reaffirmed conviction 2016: • Met Mahathir for first time in 18 years (pix) • Agree to work together to topple Najib 2018: • Pardoned and released fromprison

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