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Mahathir confirmed inLangkawi

>Oppositionannounces its candidates forKedah

his legacy in Langkawi to the cries of “ reformasi ” (reform). Juhari, a retired teacher turned contractor, will stand in Kedah’s Air Hangat state seat. His brother, DatukHasan Bulat, was a former five-term assemblyman for PadangMatsirat, now called Air Hangat. There were speculations that Hasan had not bestowed his blessings, but judging from the response from islanders last night, there is optimismamong Mahathir’s supporters that the Opposition can seize the parliament seat. But Juhari dismissed the rumour, saying the family has granted his wish tomake an effort together withMahathir to set things right for the country. Former technocratWan Saiful Wan Jan, who joined PPBM, would be fielded in the Pendang parliamentary seat. His advice to opponents, which include PAS andUmno, was not to resort to the polemic issues of race and religion, pointing out that voters would havematured by now to not be taken in by divisive politics. He said politicians should fight on “gentleman” terms as well as to debate on issues central to the development of the country. in Kedah. But we will work our best as we are the underdogs,”Mukhriz said after the party unveiled its candidates. Mukriz will be contesting the Jitra state seat while defending his parliamentary seat in Jerlun. Possiblementri besar material, Datuk AmiruddinHamzah, will be slotted in the Anak Bukit state seat and Kubang Pasu parliamentary seat. Earlier, his father, TunMahathir Mohamed in his maiden ceramah here where his candidacy for Langkawi was announced, urged voters to support those they know will deliver instead of unfamiliar names. Other PPBMcandidates for state seats are Datuk Abdul Aziz Mohamad for Ayer Hitam, Halimahton Saadiah Saad (Bukit KayuHitam), Mohd Aizad Roslan

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LANGKAWI: PakatanHarapan declared former premier TunDr MahathirMohamad as its candidate for the Langkawi parliamentary seat, setting the stage for the Opposition’s bid to win the 14th general election. PKR president Datuk SeriWan AzizahWan Ismail made the announcement with a brief poem and as the cries of “ HidupTun ” (Long LiveMahathir) echoed, a downpour fell fromnowhere, which seemed to be regarded as a good omen. “It’s hujan rahmat (a blessing), we are ready for battle,” said liaison officer for Langkawi Parti Pribumi BersatuMalaysia (PPBM) Datuk Juhari Bulat. Mahathir was widely believed to be the architect behind the rise of Langkawi as a premier regional tourismdestination. Just five years earlier, Wan Azizah despisedMahathir for jailing her husband, PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, for the first time in 1998. He was freed byMahathir’s successor Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2004. But now, she stood on the same stage with the grandfather of the nation’s politics, paying tribute to cornered fights whichwill likely ensue inmost of the 36 state seats in Kedah. PPBMdeputy president and its Kedah chairman, Datuk Seri MukhrizMahathir, said the machinery has been geared to expect multi-cornered fights in 14 state seats and five parliamentary seats it plans to contest in Kedah. Mukhriz said there are indications of a possible collusion between PAS and BarisanNasional in Kedah over the choice of seats that the twowould be contesting in the “Rice Bowl” state. “But we are ready. We feel Malay voters would not be going to PAS. “I think theymay not be a factor

Opposition supporters turn on their phone's flashlights after Mahathir was elected to stand in Langkawi during a rally on the resort island on Sunday.

PRESS DIGEST Youngvoters crucial toelectionoutcome BY KONG SEE HOH newsdesk@thesundaily.com THE voting trend of young voters is hard to fathom. In 2013, themajority of young it is worth noting that many young Chinese, whowere disappointedwith the failed attempt by PR to unseat BN in that themajority of these young voters are still likely to vote for the Opposition this time around,

Ready formulti-corneredfights LANGKAWI: Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), whowill stand on the PKR logo in the general election, is ready for multi-

GE13, have given up hope that the government could be changed. Some of themhave switched to support the national front. One thing can be sure: comparedwith the scenario before GE13, young people are less enthusiastic about elections, as can be seen in the drop in the number of newvoters registered post-GE13. Another phenomenon not to be overlooked is the increasing number of young voters, particularly among the Chinese, looking to spoil their ballots. Unhappy that their voices have been ignored, these youths do not support BN. Neither is it satisfiedwith the performance of the Opposition, including its choice of TunDrMahathir Mohamad as primeminister. These young voters regard both BN andOpposition as “rotten apples” and, taking the cue from the online “undi rosak” campaign, will spoil their ballots to show their disappointment. POLICEUNAFFECTED LANGKAWI: The change in leadership of the Langkawi police will not affect the force’s preparations for the polls on the island, says Kedah police chief Datuk Zainal Abidin Kassim. Rather, he said the new leadership of the force would need to adapt fast to understand the scenario in order to respond promptly to any situation during GE14. “We need to catch up very fast as there is no time to learn step by step about it.” – Bernama

voters, especially the Chinese, supported Pakatan Rakyat (PR), allowing the Opposition towin 50.87%of the popular vote and a record 89 seats. Statistics showed that as many as 90%of electorate aged 30 and below, voted for PR in the 13th general election (GE13). However the statistics also showed that some 63%of those in their 30s voted for Barisan Nasional (BN), SinChewDaily reported yesterday. Based on the electoral roll adopted for the upcoming polls (updated until the fourth quarter of 2017), about fivemillion Malaysians aged between 21 and 39 are eligible to vote. They account for 40%of the total number of voters. Among them, twomillionwill be voting for the first time. In other words, their votes are crucial in determining the outcome of the polls. Although surveys have shown MCDFONSTANDBY KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Civil Defence Force (MCDF) is ready to increase the number of its members on duty during the polls if the need arises. MCDF Chief Commissioner Major General Datuk Azmy Yahya said, so far, 14,000 members had been called up to be stationed in 14 states. “MCDF has not received any request yet to help send voters to the voting centres,” he said yesterday. – Bernama B R I E F S

(Bukit Lada), Syed Fadzil Syed Embun (Kuala Nerang), Abdul Razak Khamis (Sungai Tiang), MohdNazari AbuHassan (Jeneri), Abdul RahimKechik (Bayu), Mohd Saffuan Sabari (Guar Chempedak), Mej (R) Annuar AbdHamid (Tanjung Dawai), Datuk Azimi Daim (Bandar Bahru), Mohd Firdaus Ahmad (Kuah) andDatuk Juhari Bulat (Ayer Hangat). The parliamentary candidates areWan SaifulWan Jan for Pendang, Mohd Taufik Yaacob (Baling) and Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah Sanusi (Jerai).


TURNING HEADS ... Entrepreneur Irdawati Samsudin, 38, fixing headscarves. The exclusive designs, which are being sold between RM25 and RM59, hit themarket last month and she has since received 7,000 orders in the spirit of GE14. mannequins with political party

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