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Final hurdle

TheWorldCup inRussiahas thrownupsomestunningtwists, turnsandshocks,so it’sperhaps fittingthat itsfinalgamewill featurethesmallestnationto appear inthe laststageofthe tournamentsince1950 (Uruguay). Overtheyears,otherrelatively smallnations likeSwedenand theNetherlandshavepunched abovetheirweightbyreaching thefinal–onlytofallatthefinal hurdle.Croatiawillbehopingto avoidthatfatewhentheytakeon France inMoscowonSunday.

Prevention is thebest cure SpeakUppage08


Bring Hurt s



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P ETAL ING JAYA: The Cabinet has approved the continuation of the Light Rail Transit 3 (LRT3) project at a final cost of RM16.63 billion–47%lower than theRM31.65 billion projected by Prasarana Malaysia Berhad. FinanceMinister LimGuan Eng said yesterday the RM15.02 billion savings will be achieved through

several key steps that include: shelving the construction of five stations – Lien Hoe, Temasya, SIRIM, Bukit Raja and Bandar Botanic – that have very low projectedpassenger ridership, until demand deems it necessary for them to be built; reducing the order of 42 sets of six-car trains to 22 sets of three-car trains as a feasibility study shows X X

this will be more than sufficient to cope with anticipated passenger demand until 2035; reducing the sizeof theLRTtrain depot to be constructed due to the significantly reduced number of trains to be acquired; streamlining the size and design of the stations basedonKelana Jaya LRT line standards insteadof being benchmarked against the much X X

largerMRT stations; cancelling an unnecessary 2km- tunnel for the LRT and an underground station in Persiaran Hishamuddin, Shah Alam; and extending the completion time for the project from 2020 to 2024 to reduce construction costs that was inflated due to “acceleration costs” X X

LRT3 project to proceedwith 47% REDUCTION in costs: GuanEng Facebook drops ‘treason’ keyword tag COPENHAGEN: Facebook has re- moved “treason” as a keyword to identify its users’ interests for adver- tisers, it said after Danish broad- caster DR revealed its existence. In an article on Wednesday, DR cited experts expressing concerns that the tag – that Facebook called an “interest category” – could be used by i nt e l l i gence serv i ces i n authoritarian regimes to identify people considered subversive. Facebook creates categories such as “sports” or “music” based on people’s online interests, allowing firms to target their advertising. A Facebook spokesman said the tag was removed last week. “‘Treason’ was included as a category given its historical significance. Given it’s an illegal activity, we’ve removed it as an interest category.” Experts said the tag could have been used by Russian authorities to locate about 65,000 Facebook users whose online behaviormarked them as being interested in “treason”. “Whenwe identifymisuse of our ad products, we take action. Depending on the violation, wemay remove the ad, suspend the ad account or even report theadvertiser to lawenforcement,” the spokesman said. – Reuters



NOT COOPERATIVE ... Immigration enforcement personnel carrying an illegal immigrant to a holding vehicle after thewoman refused to follow instructions during an operation yesterday at a construction site in Sandakan, Sabah.

‘We’ll deport ZakirNaik if needbe’ SHAH ALAM: Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo said if India makes a case against controversialMuslim preacher Dr Zakir Naik that warrants him to be sent back, then Malaysia has to act accordingly. “Once a case is put forward, the government has todecidewhether to send him back,” Gobind told a press conference after launching the Integrated Parcel Centre expansion project here yesterday. He criticised Gerakan for alleging that he and other Indian ministers in the Cabinet were not doing enough to deport Zakir. “Gerakan should ask itself, they were in power for 61 years what did theydo?They failed thepeople and that’swhy the people rejected them.” He said unlike the previous government, the new Cabinet actually speaks up and discusses things. “Our position is different, we speak up in Cabinet meetings, we express the views of the people,” he said. He added thatWater, Land and Natural Resources Minister Dr Xavier Jayakumar, Human R e s o u r c e s M i n i s t e r M . Kulasegaran and himself had discussed the matter with the primeminister. Zakir is prohibited from entering Singapore and is also a “wantedman” in Bangladesh over charges of money-laundering, supporting terrorist activities and

inciting religious tension. Despite these allegations, he obtained permanent residence status inMalaysiaduringBarisan Nasional rule, and is also welcome in Saudi Arabia. Hecourtedcontroversy

i n M a l a y s i a f o r reportedly delivering h a t e s p e e c h e s , a l t hough he ha s denied such claims. – b y T i m o t h y Achariam

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