Usevulgarities againandyou’reout,warns Speaker MEMBERS of the Dewan Rakyat

“I repeat myself, if suchwords are uttered again, I will not hesitate to take action including ordering the person’s ejection or any other actions deemed appropriate, regardless of the political party. “On Kinabatangan specifically, if he repeats his conduct in the future, he will be immediately kicked out of the Dewan. This (ruling) serves as a reminder to all,” he said in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

His statement came afterMongin questioned if BungMoktar was in a casino recently. BungMoktar later retracted his use of the F-word. However, BungMoktar’s inappropriate use of offensive language was not the only such incident inwhat has been a profanity- laden parliamentary sitting. Just a day prior, Datuk Abdul Rahman Mohamad (BN-Lipis) and R.S.N. Rayer (PH- Jelutong) traded profanities, with Abdul Rahman uttering the word p*****k and the latter using the term “kepala bapak kamu” (your father’s head). On July 18, Ramkarpal Singh (PH-Gelugor) was ejected from theHouse after he refused to retract theword “samseng” (gangster).

DisasatisfiedwithMohamad Ariff’s ruling yesterday, Ramkarpal pleaded for the Speaker to take a similar action and suspend BungMoktar for a certain period of time and not let himoff with amere warning. “Disciplinary action (ejection) was taken against me for using the word gangster, which pales in comparison to the four-letter word Kinabatangan said. No doubt he retracted. But if no further action is taken, then this will create a precedence that any MP can utter vulgarities, retract it, and get awaywith it,” he said. To this, Mohamad Ariff said: “My ruling is meant for both sides, and as for Kinabatangan, it remains as a final warning not to repeat it.” Peoplemust know the truth: Khairy Lim, he said, did not give a breakdown on howmuch GST funds weremissing due tomisappropriation, technical problems or failure to stick to standard operating procedures. “I think Lim’s claim that an internal probe by the FinanceMinistry has been initiated in itself is not enough for an allegation as huge as this. The people must know the truth,” he said. Asked if the decision to lodge the report was on the instruction of Umno president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Khairy said: “It was made after discussing withmy other BN friends.” Among those present were Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, KelantanUmno chief Datuk Seri MustapaMohamed, Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairmanDatuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee andMCA deputy president Datuk SeriWee Ka Siong. Earlier in the Dewan Rakyat, Kiandee attempted to cite Lim for misleading the House over his claim that the fundwas robbed, andwants theminister to be cited to the Rights and Privileges Committee. Deputy Speaker Nga KorMing, however, questioned the timing of Kiandee’s motion before ruling that Lim did not mislead the Dewan. Later, Kiandee said he would bring thematter up to the PAC under the parliamentary Standing Order. “I understand the deputy speaker’s decision to dismiss mymotion. But as the newPAC chairman, I will propose that thematter be discussed in the coming proceedings,” he said. X FROM FRONT PAGE

were issued a stern and final warning by Speaker DatukMohamad Ariff Md Yusof ( pix ) not to utter anymore vulgarities in the august House or face immediate ejection and further disciplinary action. His ruling was in response to the conduct of Datuk Seri BungMoktar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan), who uttered “f*** you” to the opposing

bench during Parliament proceedings on Tuesday.

The Dewan Rakyat erupted in chaos after BungMoktar shouted the F-word twice at WillieMongin (PH-Puncak Borneo) during a debate on the sales and services tax, and accusedMongin of acquiring prostitutes.

“I would like to stress that the use of foul and vulgar language is not allowed in the Dewan, and actionwill be taken against those who use it.

‘Explain missing RM18b’ Later at a press conference

>Limorders enquiry, wants ex-Treasury sec-gen to reveal GST refunds’ whereabouts

MahathirMohamad, theywill also have an open public enquiry. “I hope he will face theministry’s internal inquiry and an open inquiry

in Parliament, Lim said Irwan should reveal where themoney went. “If Irwan says it is there, we want him to tell us where it’s hidden, perhaps he knows something all of us don’t know? Perhaps he hid it somewhere? Where did he hide it?” Lim said that it is the rakyat’s right to knowwhere this money

to explainwhy he approved the decision to not put the money into the designated trust account,” he said. “He should also state whose approval he got to make such a decision. This is not a light matter,” he

BY TIMOTHY ACHARIAM AND AMAR SHAHMOHSEN newsdesk@thesundaily.com KUALA LUMPUR: Finance Minister LimGuan Eng ( pix ) has demanded former Treasury secretary-general Tan Sri Irwan Serigar Abdullah to explain his involvement in themissing RM18 billion inGST refunds.

that is owed to themhas gone. “We want to knowwho is responsible for delaying these payments which taxpayers and businessmen should have received in twoweeks, but haven’t received until now.” OnWednesday, while tabling the GST (Repeal) Bill 2018 for the second reading, Lim said the total outstanding amount of GST refunds since its introduction in 2015 was RM19.4 billion, but the amount left in the trust account was only RM1.486 billion, which leaves a shortfall of RM18 billion. Limclaimed themoney had gone into a consolidated account, instead of the designated trust account, and that it was “used” by the former administration. Irwan denied the allegations that the funds weremissing and that all GST proceeds were placed in the consolidated fund before being channeled to the trust fund to repay GST claims based on the request of the Customs Department. The procedure was provided for in the Financial Procedure Act 1957 and the informationwas available from the Accountant-General’s Department and Fiscal Division of the FinanceMinistry.

saidwhile wrapping up the Customs (Amendment) Bill 2018 yesterday. Former primeminister Datuk

Seri Najib Abdul Razak could also be investigated on thematter, he added. Najib held the finance portfolio from 2008 until May 10 this year.

He said theministrywill be conducting an internal enquiry into themissing funds and with the approval fromPrimeMinister TunDr

Absent department heads rapped

the evening in the last fewdays ... they have to listen to what is being said here.” The session continued with an opposi- tion legislator questioning the rationale behind Pakatan Harapan to put a blanket ruling to cancel projects which were 15% completed.

IPOH: The fourth day of the state assembly sitting yesterday saw Speaker Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham warning heads of state and fed- eral government departments who were not present during the session. “What I observedwas that some of them were missing from their chairs especially in

Guards knewboxes containedcash

guards, took the lion’s share of the cash, the rest received between RM150,000 and RM200,000 each. Over the next twomonths, as they splurged on new cars, motorcycles and holidays, they could not resist boasting about their new foundwealth among their other colleagues and on social media. A tip-off to theMACCweeks agowas all it took for investigators to search for the suspect’s Facebook profiles and foundwhat theywere looking for. “Investigators are appalled by how these guards, who had served for more than 15 years, could resort to such dishonesty. “These are personnel entrusted to guard the former primeminister and this comes as a real shock,” a source said.


large number of boxes containing cashwere slowly depleting days before polling day but one box remained at the office. The security guards, although not told of the contents of the boxes, were aware they contained cash. At 3amonMay 10, two security guards decided to take advantage of the former premier’s loss and ventured into his office. Upon spotting the box, they carried it out and left it in another roombefore alerting the other guards, including an officer. As they discussed splitting the loot, the officer refused to be a part of it and turned a blind eye to the pact. While themasterminds, the first two

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